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Sea Foam Motors Into Marine Market

New Marine Pro fuel system treatment keeps boat engines performing at their peak

Ryan DeChaine has seen it countless times in the angling community—boat engines suffering from fuel related problems that could have been easily prevented.  As the vice president of video production for Wired2Fish, a how to media company that provides information and resources on freshwater fishing, DeChaine is on the water most of the year. For him, keeping his company’s fleet of boats in good running order is crucial.

“A boat is right up there with an automobile for us,” DeChaine says. “And the fuel basically to us is the Ryan DeChaine Sea Foam equivalent of what we put into our bodies, so we take it very seriously with our boats—it ties in directly with our business.”

That’s why in addition to running non-oxygenated fuel whenever possible, DeChaine keeps the fleet on a regular schedule of Sea Foam Motor Treatment.

But soon, he and boat owners everywhere will have an even better option from Sea Foam for keeping their boat engines running like new: Marine Pro.  Like Sea Foam Motor Treatment, Marine Pro is safe, easy to use, and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or detergents. It is a complete marine fuel system treatment specially formulated to help marine engines run smoother and last longer. It’s always working in fuel to do the three things experienced boat owners demand: clean, lubricate, and stabilize fuel.

Sea Foam Marine ProMore specifically, Marine Pro is designed to:

● Keep fuel passage ways and upper engine areas clean while minimizing harmful residues and deposits that can lead to poor engine performance
● Lubricate upper cylinders to help resist long term wear
● Stabilize fuel for up to two years, protecting the entire fuel system from bad fuel

“Marine Pro is the solution for marine engine owners and technicians dealing with the hard starting, throttle hesitation, misfiring, and other fuel related
issues that have always caused problems on the water,” says Mark Hanson, President at Sea Foam Sales Company.


Like DeChaine, pro bass angler Chad Morgenthaler makes his living on the water.  As a former auto technician, he also knows his way around an engine.

Boat owners don’t always have the option of running non-oxygenated fuel, he says, especially if they’re traveling away from home. If you roll the dice without using a fuel additive, you’re doing so at the risk of varnishing and deteriorating fuel system components. “The injectors, the fuel delivery system, not to mention how quickly fuel degrades after even just a couple of months of sitting in the tank,” Morgenthaler says.

With modern marine engines priced upwards of $20,000, he says using a fuel treatment is quick, easy insurance, maintaining your investment for your own use and eventual resale. “I don’t know a whole lot of people who have that kind of money that they can just throw around,” Morgenthaler says.

“But I know a lot of people who can buy a can of Sea Foam to stabilize and protect everything, not only
throughout the winter, but throughout the entire year.”  And it’s not just people in pro angler circles Morgenthaler is talking about. For average boat owners who winterize their boats in the fall and don’t pull them out until March or later, he says there is no choice but to treat the fuel, and make sure treatment is throughout the entire fuel system before storage. “If you don’t, you may not have problems right away,” he says. “But they certainly can surface later on.”


Through his television and radio productions and fishing industry innovations, Al Lindner has helped hook generations of anglers. And he’s worked with too many companies to count along the way. Sea Foam, though, has left an impression.

Al Lindner Sea Foam“We spend time in a lot of different places—at boat ramps, in restaurants, at bait shops and marine dealerships—and oftentimes when I’m walking around
I have a Sea Foam sweatshirt on, and no matter where you go, it is just amazing to me to have somebody look and say, ‘that’s great stuff, I use it all the time.’”

“I have never seen in my lifetime a company and a product that has that kind of brand loyalty. There are very few companies that I know that have that kind of
brand loyalty. It is the strongest I’ve seen of any company we’ve ever worked with.” Lindner says Sea Foam’s Marine Pro is a natural extension to a market that already trusts the company’s products.

Jeremy Smith, operations manager at Lindner Media Productions , agrees.
“A product specifically developed for marine use is going to give a lot of people confidence, who have had experience with Sea Foam already,” Smith says. “Even though Motor Treatment might be a great product I think Marine Pro is something boat owners will really jump on board with.”

For Sea Foam, which got its start in the marine industry in 1942, launching Marine Pro is returning to the
company’s roots. The new fuel treatment will be available in stores starting March 2019.