Crossbow Maintenance with Wade Middleton

It’s easy to not take care of things the way they should be.   We all get busy, distracted and frankly spread a bit too thin in today’s world. These distractions are what makes it easy to delay those simple preventative maintenance type tasks on not only crossbows but anything.   The down side when we miss those scheduled maintenance projects we often damage our gear or have a less than desired success when we go out somewhere.

With that being in mind lets share a few simple things to help you do preventative maintenance and checks on your cross bow.

  1. Dust and clean the entire crossbow first while checking for any cracks, damage or frayed items.
  2. Check the entire assembly for anything that’s loose and if you find anything tighten it up.
  3. Lubricate the moving parts per the owner’s manual.

    Wipe all the parts clean to include the scope.

  4. Check every bolt, broad head, quiver and anything else associated with the crossbow for any damages or loose parts.
  5. Give everything another once look over and then head out and shoot it to make sure scopes still on.

You can also enjoy this video to get even more insight on taking care of a crossbow.




Remember, crossbows are deadly accurate, easy to shoot and fun to use for both target practice as well as hunting.  But don’t just grab one a few hours before the hunt and expect perfection.   Take the time to check them out so that you know everything is in safe working order than enjoy them the way their supposed to be enjoyed.

Check the tightness of every screw used to build the crossbow. Always check your instruction manual for details.

Don’t forget to lubricate the rails.