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August 2020 – Americana Outdoors E-Magazine


August means the “dog days of summer” to me and many others. And that also means that it is the time of year when the locusts are happy and humming and the deer are finishing growing out. This is also a time of transition when many minds start to wander to a fall morning in tree stands, bull reds running the beach, and birds migrating south. All those thoughts pop into my head daily as I shoot my bow in the back yard, work on new gear for the boats and start to study scouting cameras on an almost daily basis.

Through all this daydreaming and looking forward, we still do not forget the changes and issues our country is dealing with right now. The pandemic has already touched many of our friends and has affected many business operations nationwide.

We have all found ways to tweak and adjust to what is a daily changing situation, but like always the American Spirit finds ways to overcome and press forward. I expect we will see more and more of that great spirit in play this fall as anglers and hunters his the waters and woods in record numbers. When they do, they will find the outdoors as a place where all things going on around them can be forgotten for at least a few hours.

Over the next few pages, I hope you find a few things to daydream about that will inspire you to hunt and fish more ahead. When you do, make sure to share your photos and videos as I sure enjoy seeing them all!

Wade Middleton

President – CarecoTV