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Big Bite Baits “Swimon” Fools Big Bass

The Big Bite Swimon (pronounced “swim on”) is a new trailer for swim jigs and vibrating jigs in 2020 that’s quickly finding demand with anglers.

Both the FlameThrower and GP Flamethrower colors have been red hot this Spring, as a trailer on swimjigs and vibrating jigs across the county. The Swimon provides a much different action and profile for swim jigs and vibrating jigs compared to boot tail style plastics. The vertical tail perfectly replicates a baitfish profile in the water. Also, the segmented body combined with holes and ridges on the tail makes the tails swim at any speed. As the season shifts to summer across much of the country, Big Bite has another of other colors available to match baitfish and bluegill patterns.

It makes a great trailer during the shad spawn season as anglers look to stock up on shad imitating baits and trailers.

Contact your local Big Bite Baits sales representative or the Big Bite Baits home office at 877-222-7429 or contact@bigbitebaits.com.