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Outdoor Action TV: Kentucky Hunting

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Yamaha Whitetail Diaries – Kentucky Hunt

Every year the excitement builds as the team of Wade Middleton, Steve Nessl, Kevin Giesecke, Jeff Reynolds, and Michael Wersig prepares to head to Kentucky! Heading out of Texas and joining Salt River Outfitters for the first whitetail hunt of the year has become an annual tradition – and as traditions go, this is one that everyone looks forward to for most of the year, and not a single hunter would miss.

This hunt is popular for hunters targeting whitetails in velvet as Kentucky’s early season window provides great opportunity for such an encounter. Hunters travel from within and outside the state to try to conquer their quest for a whitetail buck still in velvet. While it is still hunting, and there is no guarantee that every hunter will have a chance to harvest a whitetail in velvet – believe us, three years and there’s a reason we still say the “conquest continues” – just the rush from the chance is enough to keep us coming back.

Upon arrival in Kentucky, our team and all the guests of Salt River Outfitters are met with clear, sunny skies and cooler temperatures than normal which has everyone hopeful that the bucks that have been spotted on scouting cameras throughout the summer will be on the move in daylight hours.

Since the hunts in Kentucky are evening hunts, as soon as the morning of Opening Day arrived, our team had breakfast, set up targets, and began shooting their bows.

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