October 2017 Edition
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October 2017: Americana Outdoors Early Fall Edition

Americana Outdoors Early Fall Edition


“From the woods to the water the action is heating up across the country and for many of us it is full of fun and adventure so in the end you can’t go wrong.   I’ve already had the pleasure of going to Kentucky last month to hunt for a deer still in velvet; even though I did not get one, it was still a hunt I will remember forever.  I was also lucky enough to attend the reveal for the new Yamaha Wolverine X4 in North Carolina…and what an awesome, new Side-By-Side!  I can’t wait to get one in the field.   I’ve also been field testing a product from Garmin that I’m just going to tell you will change forever what you use it for….O how I wish I could tell you more but you’ll have to wait till later.  Just now it’s AMAZING. “ – Wade Middleton, President of CarecoTV

This Americana Outdoors Early Fall Edition is packed with tons of great tips and product reviews for the hunter and fisherman. We spend some time looking at how easy Garmin has made editing your Virb footage. Yamaha released the all-new Wolverine X4 and we take a full look at this awesome side-by-side. The Ranger Cup University Team Challenge is only a couple weeks away and we talked to both teams about the event. We take a look at what ConQuest Scents has to help you lure in that whitetail, spend some time looking at all the technologies that go into TenPoint Crossbows, and spend some time looking at the latest and greatest from Spro, Big Bite Baits, Gill, and Sunline. We have been blessed with many great hunts with our Thompson Center Compass Rifles and we share with you a few of our favorites. We hope you find a ton of great tips and product reviews in this edition of the Americana Outdoors® presented by Garmin E-Magazine. If there is anything you would like to see in the next edition please comment below. ENJOY!!!


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