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Meet Fisher the Cat, Power-Pole’s furriest ambassador

With all apologies to the bearded members of the Power-Pole Pro Staff, Power-Pole’s most popular online ambassador might also be its furriest.

Fisher the Maine Coon became a viral sensation after a video of the water-loving cat was posted on the popular animal video website, The Dodo, in October of 2019.

Dodo discovered Fisher through an Instagram account that Fisher’s owner, Fin Williams, who has been a sales representative for Power-Pole for seven years, set up to take pictures of his cat having fun on the water while boating, surfing and swimming in Florida.

“It was just everyday things,” he said. “It was nothing special. Nothing was staged. It was just whatever we were doing, I’d put on there.

“He just started getting Likes. And more Likes. Then we’d go out to a bar and people would see him and end up following him on Instagram.”

Within the first week, the video had over two million views on Facebook (It has since risen to over four million views).

Because Power-Pole products were featured heavily in the video, Fisher also became an unintentional ambassador of Power-Pole.

Williams wasn’t expecting his to become a viral superstar. He just wanted a furry first mate but because of pet restrictions at his waterfront condo community, he couldn’t have a dog.

After doing some research on cats, which as a general rule tend to dislike the water, he found that Maine Coon breeds sometimes enjoy being around the water. For his 50th birthday, he adopted Fisher.

“I just started taking him out on the boat with me and he was a natural,” Williams said.

Fisher, who can often be found lounging on a boat or seawall, has even become a real-life celebrity in the tiny waterfront community of Pass-A-Grille.

“People see him and they say, ‘Oh my god, you’ve made my day,” Williams said. “He just makes people so happy.”

It’s that ability to make people happy and enjoy the water just a little bit more that makes Fisher an ideal ambassador for the Power-Pole brand.

Follow the adventures of Fisher the Maine Coon on Instagram.