Americana Outdoors Presented by Garmin

Outdoor Action TV Now Live on Roku

By Cody Levy
SAN ANTONIO, Texas – CarecoTV is proud to announce the launch of a new dedicated hunting and fishing Roku Channel, Outdoor Action TV. The channel, which went live in December of 2015, hosts a wide variety of recent programming for the avid outdoorsmen and women with an emphasis on hunting and fishing.

“Outdoor Action TV is a great resource for anyone that loves to hunt, fish, or be in the outdoors,” said President of CarecoTV, Wade Middleton. “From fishing tournament coverage from a variety of top events, to deer hunting, to bass fishing tips and tricks, Outdoor Action TV has something for a wide range of viewers, all on demand.”

The launch of Outdoor Action TV gives passionate outdoor enthusiasts a total of nine programs to view with more to be seen in the near future including all 2016 episodes of the below programs. The full programming list is as follows:

Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin – Seasons 2015 & 2014 with 44 episodes available
Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook – Seasons 2015 & 2014 with 23 episodes available
Fishing and Hunting Texas – 2015 Season with 8 episodes
Yamaha’s Whitetail Diaries – Seasons 2015 & 2014 with 20 episodes available
Cabela’s Deer Gear TV – Seasons 2015 & 2014 with 11 episodes available
Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series – Seasons 2015 & 2014 with 14 episodes available
National Walleye Tour presented by Cabela’s – 2014 Season available with 6 episodes
Texas Trail Team presented by Cabela’s – Seasons 2015 & 2014 with 10 episodes available
IFA Redfish Tour presented by Cabela’s – Seasons 2015 & 2014 with 16 episodes available

“The next time you’re at home and need some time in the outdoors, be sure to check out Outdoor Action TV on your Roku to find stories, tips, and tricks from the field and on the water! As the channel expands, we expect to add new series and more content, making this the go to place for outdoors viewers to find content on demand that they crave,” added Middleton.

To find Outdoor Action TV on your Roku, click on the search bar and type in Outdoor Action TV and start your outdoor experience today!