Pursuit Channel Close Call Thursdays Programming Line-Up One of The BEST

Glenwood, AL – Pursuit Channel invites viewers to tune-in to prime-time Close Call Thursdays.

The 52-week Thursday night line-up has been one of Pursuit Channel’s strongest nights providing a great mix of outdoor programming from some of the industry’s best outdoors shows for nearly fourteen years.

“Thursday night has always been a great night for viewers to catch great outdoor programming on Pursuit.  New shows enter the night for first and second quarters each year and bring along with them a strong and diverse line-up for the viewers.  It’s a great mixture of content that includes well known personalities like Blaine Anthony, Keith Warren, and Steve Bartylla but also includes great African and whitetail content from the other shows.  Mixing great and diverse content with a network that has such a unique distribution model, also ensures we reach a diverse audience unlike other networks.  We’re extremely proud to have great content like this available to our viewers” says Rusty Faulk, Founder and CEO of Pursuit Media.

Tune in Thursday nights for Can-Am’s Close Call Thursdays. #wearepursuit

  • Bear Whisperer (Thursdays 8pm ET) – This one-of-a-kind gem has called Pursuit Channel home for over a decade. Popular host Blaine Anthony travels North America to visit bear hot spots and features entering bear dens in the winter, trapping, and a variety of other great hunting adventures.
  • This is Africa (Thursdays 8:30pm ET) – The dynamic team of brother and sister, Andrew, and Michelle Buchanan, have a lifetime worth of experience in African hunting. With a passion for wildlife and a fun-loving dynamic, born of a lifetime spent hunting and fishing together on the African Continent. Watch how Michelle, Andy and their award-winning post-productions team tell the stories of their friends hunting and fishing across the Dark Continent, revealing the mysteries and secrets of Africa’s wildlife.
  • The High Road with Keith Warren (Thursdays 9pm ET) – Long time outdoor producer and big game hunter, Keith Warren, has been delivering masterfully produced big game hunting content from around the world as long as anyone in the space. He’s been bringing this great content to Pursuit Channel viewers since day one and has reached millions of viewers. Never miss an episode of The High Road with Keith Warren!
  • Full Draw Adventures (Thursdays 9:30pm ET) – Follow Champion Archer Bill McCall and the crew on this long-running archery-only show and witness exciting adventures, big whitetails, and great instruction that can make anyone a better archer. Never miss an episode of Full Draw Adventure, only on Pursuit Channel.
  • Deer Topia (Thursdays 10pm ET) – Check out this Deer & Deer Hunting exclusive every Thursday night hosted by Steve Bartylla, one of the country’s most respected experts on land and habitat management. Throughout each episode, Bartylla discusses tried-and-true habitat improvement and deer management methods to help hunters grow better deer populations from the ground up.
  • Hitmen – (Thursdays 10:30pm ET) – Wrapping up the night comes a unique show brought to you by the multi-award-winning production company, Nature Productions. TV personalities from around the country team up to bring this fast paced and action-packed half-hour exclusively to the Pursuit audience each week.  Multiple hunts, multiple people, multiple adventures…will keep you in your seat for this half-hour.

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