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SPRO Frog Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence

Kennesaw, Georgia  Fifteen years ago, SPRO revolutionized bass fishing with the introduction of the Bronzeye Frog. Designed with input from B.A.S.S. legend Dean Rojas, the innovative topwater frog delivered the perfect combination of walk the dog action and weedless performance to draw bass up through the thickest pads.

“After 15 years, the Bronzeye Frog is still the one of the number one frogs on the market,” said designer and SPRO Pro Dean Rojas. “We are thrilled to have provided so many great memories for frog fans over the years.”

Rojas used the original premium frog to win $40,000 at the Bassmaster Classic on Lake Wylie in 2004. He followed that up with plenty more victories, making it a timeless tournament favorite. The Bronzeye Frog is engineered to utilize the full potential of Gamakatsu’s 2x-strong EWG Double Frog Hook, allowing anglers to use the heavy braid to extract lunkers out of the thickest cover. The soft plastic body delivers weedless performance that maneuvers through the thickest cover without hanging up. It easily moves out of the way when bass pounce for a great hook up ratio. Though it was designed for the salad, the thin body allows it to walk the dog effortlessly in open water, drawing big bass up from submerged cover for big surface blow-ups.

The Bronzeye Frog lands right side up every time, thanks to the weight molded into the body and precision tolerances that keep water out. The nose of the bait is anchored just behind the line tie eye, so it will stay put even as you drag it through the densest pads. For added action, the legs are constructed of living rubber strands that provide plenty of movement even when the bait is paused. The extra-long legs let you trim them just how you like them and are securely anchored to the body so they’ll stay put.

“SPRO has never stopped innovating,” said Rojas, noting the success of SPRO’s full line up of weedless surface baits. “We took the best attributes from the Bronzeye Frog and developed different baits with their own actions. The Bronzeye Pop, Bronzeye Shad, and Bronzeye Spit Shad all deliver explosive topwater action.”

Pick a fight in the pads with the original Bronzeye Frog, the winningest frog bait in tournament history. See for yourself why it has become the go-to frog of Bassmaster’s top anglers for the last 15 years.

BRONZEYE FROG 60 Features:

* 60mm

* 1/2 ounce

* Gamakatsu 3/0 EWG Double hook

* Available in a wide variety of productive colors

BRONZEYE FROG 65 Features:

* 65mm

* 5/8 ounce

* Gamakatsu 4/0 EWG Double hook

* Available in a wide variety of productive colors

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