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SPRO’s King Daddy Frog Gets New Color

Kennesaw, Georgia – The Bronzeye Frog 90 is the King Daddy of all frog baits. The oversized profile and unmatched action of the larger-than-life frog attract the biggest predators as it chugs and sputters its way through the thickest mats without hanging up or snagging. And now, SPRO has added four of the most popular colors to the King Daddy line to answer angler demand.

Pictured above: Bronzeye Frog 90 (King Daddy) compared to Bronzeye Frog 65
“The King Daddy is the biggest frog on the market,” said SPRO Pro and lure designer Dean Rojas. “If you want explosive topwater action with the biggest bass or muskies, you need to fish a King Daddy.”B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas and SPRO developed the frog for bass anglers across the country 15 years ago. Since that time, Rojas and SPRO played with the winning formula to create different baits to excel in specific conditions. The Bronzeye Frog 90 King Daddy was built 30 percent bigger than the original to give multi-species anglers the profile to entice the largest predators out of hiding. The heavy-duty Gamakatsu double hook ensures that strikes turn into hookups, with the backbone needed to horse fish through the densest weeds using the beefiest rods and strongest braids.
“We’ve added four of the most popular colors from our other frogs to the King Daddy line. Anglers wanted our proven Navy Seal, Yellow Sparkle, Outback and Albino colors in a larger size to target bigger fish,” said Rojas. “Albino is one of my favorites because it allows me to easily customize the bait to match forage species or light conditions with just a paint marker.”

The one-ounce King Daddy delivers extra casting distance so you can hit the pads in the back where no boat can go. Reach untouched pockets where lunkers lie with the weedless performance to wiggle through the thickest cover without snagging. The walking action also excels in open water, drawing fish from submerged cover for adrenaline-inducing surface blow-ups.

For big fish in thick mats, sparse weeds, or open water, you can’t beat the splashing, gurgling action of the King Daddy. Now available in four additional fish-catching colors.

Bronzeye Frog 90 King Daddy Features:

  • 90mm
  • 1 ounce
  • Gamakatsu 6/0 EWG Double hook
  • In NEW Navy Seal, Yellow Sparkle, Outback, and Albino
    • Midnight Walker, Leopard, Nasty Shad, Natural Green, Killer Gill, Rainforest Black, Natural Red, and Green Tree Frog are also available

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