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HIVIZ Introduces LiteWave H3 Plain Barrel Shotgun Sight

Laramie, WY – HIVIZ® Shooting Systems made a name for itself with shotgun sights starting in 1996. Since then, they have been a leader in innovative sights for hunting and competitive shooting with products such as the TriViz® and…
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HI VIZ Lightwave H3 Sights

We’re excited to share the news! The HIVIZ® LiteWave H3® Sights (for multiple brands) received the 2020 Editor’s Choice Award from On Target Magazine! “With almost a year’s worth of carry experience now on our Glock 43, the new…
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HIVIZ Shooting Systems New Products for 2020

Las Vegas, NV – The beginning of the new decade sees a number of exciting new products from HIVIZ Shooting Systems especially for personal defense, with S&W revolver shooters, shotguns for personal defense and competition, and…