Value-Priced SPRO Essential Series Lures

Kennesaw, Georgia SPRO is bringing value to its “Essential” line up of baits that every angler should have in their arsenal when hitting the water. If you’re a new angler or seasoned veteran, you know that there are three styles of baits bass anglers must have at the ready. Popper, square bill and minnow style baits remain staples in the bass fishing arena, and now SPRO is offering three new baits at a value price to arm anglers with the tools they need to compete at the top level.

The E Pop 80 serves as the popper bait providing anglers a perfect bait for the aggressive topwater bite. The E Pop 80 has an extremely loud popping action with a loud knocking sound- calling in fish from a distance. The bait is designed to cast easily and can be walked back to the boat, creating life-like action that bass can’t resist. Paired with Gamakatsu’s #4 treble hook on the front and a #4 Gamakatsu feather treble hook on the back, you are sure to hook up when an aggressive bass blows up your bait.

E Pop 80 Features:

  • Super-loud popping action
  • Loud knocking sound
  • Top Water
  • Gamakatsu #4 treble hooks
  • Available in Black Silver, Bone, Black Skeleton, Clear Gill, Chartreuse Silver, Chrome, Homemade Shad, Nasty Shad, Pumpkinseed
  • MSRP: $8.20

Hunter 65 SB brings the versatile square bill bait into play. Square bill baits are notorious for getting the biggest of bass to strike as they deflect off the thick cover. Its erratic hunting action and loud knocking sound gets the bass’s attention, making this bait a must-have for any bass angler. Armed with the world’s sharpest #4 Gamakatsu treble hooks, you will be able to count on solid hook-sets to wench bass out of the heavy cover. With a dive curve of 3′-5′ ft, this is the perfect bait to fish over rocks and timber.

Hunter 65 SB Features:

  • Loud knocking sound
  • Heavy enough to cast accurately
  • Deflects off cover extremely well
  • Diving depth of 3 to 5 ft.
  • Gamakatsu #4 treble hooks
  • Available in Black Silver, Chartreuse Black Back, Chartreuse Blue, Citrus Shad, Nasty Shad, Old Fire Tiger, Pumpkinseed, Rayburn Red, Spring Craw, Taco Salad
  • MSRP: $8.20

Zero Minnow 130 is one of those baits that work anywhere you fish. The versatility of a minnow style wake bait makes it one of the most deadly types of baits on the market. Fished in early spring, or the dog days of summer, wake baits are hard to beat. The minnow style baits have great castability, making it easy to cover water. With a diving depth of 0-1′ ft, these baits can be used in several different ways to entice bass to attack. With its loud knocking sound and #4 Gamakatsu treble hooks, the Zero Minnow 130 is a game-changer in wake baits.

Zero Minnow 130 Features:

  • Loud knocking sound
  • High floater
  • Tuned bill
  • Gamakatsu #4 treble hooks
  • Available in Bone Olive Black, Bone, Chrome, Chrome Olive, Cotton Candy, Gold Black, Nasty Shad, Silver Black
  • MSRP: $8.80

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