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Walker’s Silencer Earbuds

The Walker’s Silencer Earbuds have integrated Omni directional microphones that feature full dynamic range speakers that are designed to deliver a crisp clear sound. Along with the advanced technology,  The Walker’s Silencer Earbuds provide a comfort level above and beyond similar products by incorporating a patented Secure Fit system.

“Right out of the package I was able to quickly adjust and fit the Walker’s Silencer Earbuds into my ear, turn them on and start shooting at the range.   While using them I never had any slippage issues or any discomfort from wearing them.  I can’t wait to utilize them in the field this year dove hunting and testing them further.”   -Wade Middleton of Americana Outdoors and Whitetail Diaries.


Walker's Silencer Earbuds - SAC (Sound Activated Compression) - Protects Hearing When Shooting.

SAC (Sound Activated Compression) – Protects Hearing When Shooting.

Walker's Silencer Earbuds left and right earbuds

Left & Right Digital Earbuds

Walker's Silencer Earbuds - Secure Lock Fitting

Secure Lock Fitting

Features Include:  Patented Secure-Lock Fitting, Sound Activated Compression to protect your hearing, OS-R3110 Digital sound processing, independent volume control on each unit, integrated Omni directional microphones, dull dynamic range speaker for crisp clear sound, three different sizes of silicone & foam earbuds, 80 hours of battery life,  and carrying case included.


Walker's Silencer Earbuds - Carrying Case with Earbuds

Carrying Case with Earbuds.


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