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Fighting with a Redfish

By Jeff Reynolds

When I think of my favorite fishing destinations from across the country, Venice, Louisiana is easily at the top of the list. The most unbelievable red fishing I’ve ever seen, period!  Wade and I got to spend a day chasing them this summer and what a day we had.

We started out catching big ones and ended the day catching big ones!  We were catching our fish on paddle tail swimbaits with a jig head, popping corks, and braided fishing line. Let me tell you, when you pop that cork and you see the water explode, you better be hanging on because you are about to be in for one heck of a fight! This is no place for light line or wimpy rods, you better come prepared because these reds don’t mess around. I honestly can’t tell you what our final tally was for the day, but I know that I was exhausted and couldn’t reel in another fish.

If you get a chance to go to Venice and chase some redfish my advice is to spend about a week in advance trying to reel in your truck with it going the other direction and maybe you will be more prepared than I was!

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Fighting with a Redfish