The Garmin STRIKER Family of Fishfinders

The Garmin Striker family of units is one of the easiest units you’re ever going to be able to use. Straight out of the box you can take this unit and be able to mount it on a variety of watercraft and you’re going to find incredible success. For you ice fishermen, Garmin offers the Striker 4 Portable Kit that comes with a  built in Flasher.

We feel the Garmin Striker 7 S-V is the flagship model in the Striker lineup.  It’s a 7 inch fish finder with a built in G-P-S, CHIRP Side View, CHIRP Clear View and CHIRP Sonar. The CHIRP Traditional Sonar provides crisp clear fish arches with greater target separation. And the CHIRP Clear View Scanning Sonar helps finds objects, structure and fish directly below the boat.

“The Striker series is a great series of units that offers amazing sonar at an affordable price.   I’ve used the small portable units on my kayak and I’ve got the 7 inch unit mounted on my aluminum boat. They both perform in shallow and deep water giving me a crisp clear look at, not only the contour of the bottom but also, targets such as fish, brush piles, and other objects”. -Wade Middleton.


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