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New South African Adventures on Outdoor Action TV

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SAN ANTONIO, TX. – ‘Outdoor Action TV’ is excited and proud to bring two new episodes of “Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin” streaming to your television, computer, or smart phone now!

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Americana Outdoors travels to the other side of the globe for an African Safari and vacation to the Limpopo Province of South Africa! Since the early nineties, Wade has had dreams of venturing over to Africa to hunt specific plains game animals in their homelands, but the opportunity just never presented itself. This dream became a reality at last year’s C.A.S.T. For Kids event in Waco Texas, when he bid on (and won!) an auction for a donated African Hunt by World Class Fishing and Hunting and Kuche Safaris. From that moment on, plans were falling into place to set up this trip of a lifetime.

We start off with the crew getting into camp and familiarizing themselves with their new home away from home for the next ten days. While the ladies stay behind at camp, Steve, Wade, Angel’s father Pat, and our cameraman Kevin set off on their first African safari hunt. Right away our team sees an abundance of new, exotic animals. From hartebeest in the roads to kudu hiding in the bushes, the guys are overwhelmed with what they’re seeing on their first afternoon out. As the day ends, see which of these African game animals presents itself for Steve to get a good shot!

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Americana Outdoors continues their adventures in the Limpopo province of South Africa. We’re on the hunt for the Greater Kudu, famously known as the Grey Ghost of Africa. For more than thirty years, Wade has dreamed about hunting one of these majestic animals in their native land, and today is the day he just might finally see that dream become a reality.

We jump right into the action as Wade, Steve, Kevin, and our PH’s Dale and Carl are deep into a stalk in the African bush. While our team sees a decent number of kudu, none stand out or prompt them to set up the sticks. After exploring a little further, our team decides to move locations and set up on a rocky hill side with the hopes of spotting a large kudu from above. After another hour of waiting, a promising large kudu makes an appearance and steps into the open. Could this be the kudu that Wade has been dreaming of for the last thirty years?

We continue on with the afternoon portion of our day with Steve on the gun. Our team has no particular safari animals in mind and before we know it, Dale has spotted a gemsbok in the distance and it’s time to get stalking. After a short stalk, it’s apparent the team has lost the opportunity on this gemsbok, however, Dale spots a kudu to the right and doesn’t miss a beat getting the sticks up for Steve. This Kudu gives us all a run for our money and Steve one unforgettable experience!

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