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Skyline Safety System is Redefining Tree Stand Safety


Skyline Safety System is redefining tree stand safety! The revolutionary Safety System could be the fastest and safest way to enter a tree stand whether it be a ladder stand or a hang-on stand with the use of our Sticks.

The Patented Skyline Safety System is made of lightweight high strength aluminum with two pivot arms that close using a pulley system and ratchet strap. You simply mount the Skyline Safety System on your ladder stands’ back-bar with the included Universal Mounting Kit, secure the tree bracket around the tree and place the stand up against the tree. The ratchet strap closes the pivot arms tight around the tree allowing you to secure your stand prior to stepping of the ground. This will eliminate what we call the “Death Crawl;”everybody’s familiar with it, it’s where you place your ladder stand against the tree and inch your way up hoping it doesn’t fall before you can secure it at the top.

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