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SPRO Adds New Colors to Little John, Fat John Lines

Kennesaw, GeorgiaThe Little John and Fat John crankbaits are the brainchild of 11-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier John Crews. “The Little John and Fat John have a computer chip bill that is more durable than plastic and a silent weight transfer system using soft tungsten that translates into incredibly long casts for a small crankbait. We used the world’s sharpest trebles made by Gamakatsu. The Little John/Fat John crankbaits are the best shallow-running crankbaits available and come in an array of fish-catching colors.” The two crankbaits are uniquely flat-sided.

The tight wobble of the Little John allows you to cover water quickly and effectively, and the wide wobble of the Fat John provides a hunting action of 3-4 inches on each side. It also features a slightly different body shape, as well as, a different bill and line-tie angle.

Pictured above: Little John 50 in Real Perch (left), Fat John 60 in Matte Shad (right)
The colors offered in the Little John and Fat John line are ones Crews recognized over the last dozen years on the tournament trail as being go-to colors. “I saw a need for a realistic perch color,” shared Crews. “Up north, smallmouths feed on a lot of yellow perch. We decided to offer those in the MD 50 and DD 60 series because they’re extremely productive smallmouth baits.””The new Homemade Shad color has a silver scale/shad pattern that is incredibly realistic. The color will be offered in the Little John 50, a shallow-diver that catches fish wherever they’re keying on shad. The other two colors are some of the best in the SPRO jerkbait line, so we decided to start producing the same colors in the deep-diving Little John XL 70 series.” states Crews.Little John 50 New color- Matte Shad, Real PerchWeight: 1/2 oz.Size: 50 mmHook: Gamakatsu # 5 Round Bend treble hooksDepth: 3-5 ft.Little John MD 50 New Color- Homemade Shad, Real PerchWeight: 1/2 oz.Size: 50 mmHook: Gamakatsu # 5 Round Bend treble hooksDepth: 7-9 ft.Little John DD 60 New Color- Ayu Shad, Homemade Shad, Mellow YellowWeight: 5/8 oz.Size: 60 mmHook: Gamakatsu # 3 Treble HooksDepth: 9-12 ft.Little John XL70Weight: ¾ oz.Size: 70 mmHook: Gamakatsu # 2 Round Bend treble hooksDepth: 7-9 ft.Fat John 60 New Colors- Herring Pink, Matte Shad, Copper ShadWeight: 6/8 oz.Size: 60 mmHook: Gamakatsu # 3 Round Bend treble hooksDepth: 1-3 ft.Computer Chip Square BillFor more information contact:SPRO Corp.3655 Kennesaw 75 Pkwy NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144Tel: 770-919-1722 Fax: 770-919-8141Email: contact@spro.com
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