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Yamaha Reliability Spreads to the Midwest and Beyond

When it comes to reliability, Yamaha has maintained that aspect as part of their leading reputation as an outboard manufacturer. While at the Yamaha Midwest Writer’s Event in Bay Harbor, Michigan, Wade Middleton was able to experience firsthand, what the lineup of Yamaha outboards has to offer.

Known for starting up time after time and running through whatever conditions you can throw at it, Yamaha’s reliability is a feature that is unmatched in the outboard industry. Along with reliability, Yamaha offers fuel economy to outlast competitors on the water.

Suited for everyone who might be powering a small jon boat to the putting four motors on an off shore boat, Yamaha Outboards offer motors from small portable 2.5 horsepower motors all the way to 350 horsepower four stroke motors. Find out why Wade and the rest of the Americana Outdoors crew chooses Yamaha in the video below!



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