Texas Whitetail Hunting

Rick Sosebee’s Tools of the Hunt:

The T/C Encore Pro Hunter is available in .243, .30-06, or .308 as a complete rifle or chambered in .223 or .308 as a pistol. The interchangeable firearm system is fully supported with accessory stocks and barrels ranging from .204 to .500 S&W Magnum along with additional shotgun, slug and muzzleloader barrels. Any of the Pro Hunters from T/C Encore can take you Texas Whitetail Hunting!


Texas Whitetail Hunting T/C Encore Pro Hunter Rifle .308

T/C Encore Pro Hunter Rifle .308


The Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition is the ultimate ranch hand. With unmatched class-leading durability and off-road capability, the Viking Ranch Edition boasts a true six-person seating and smooth, quiet cabins. The Viking Ranch Edition features Proven Off-Road performance paired with a stunning Metallic Sand paint scheme, cast aluminum wheels, overfenders, and more. Learn more at YamahaMotorSports.com.


Yamaha Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition


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